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Exploration at a Higher Level

California Cannabis Tours & EVents

In the San Francisco Bay Area



California Marijuana Tours, where you can EXPLORE Cannabis with all your senses. 

Our expertly guided cannabis tours combine authentic fun, comfort, and world class cuisine. 

Expand your perception of, and appreciation for, this ancient plant in all of its forms. From 3-hour exploration events to 5-Day Emerald Triangle Adventures. Cannabis, cuisine, and culture flow seamlessly at a Sea of Green event. Travelers and locals, newbies and veterans all learn and enjoy new insights when they join a Sea of Green Tour.

Our background in adult education, Five Star hospitality, and the marijuana industry allows us to involve you in authentic learning, not cliches. We craft experiences that make you feel a part of our amazing culture. Join us!

Dissatisfied with our own introduction to modern medical marijuana, we created a company that perfectly balances great information, deep connections with the best producers, and fun, safe and legal locations. Our venues allow you to explore at your own comfort level, without stigma, among a group of like minded adventurers.


Our Story

Our concept is based on our personal experiences with cannabis. Sea of Green was born out of the one of the founder's moves back to California and his desire to reconnect with cannabis. Like many, he had smoked pot in high school and college, but knew little about the tremendous cannabis evolution and revolution, that had taken place since he'd left the Bay Area in the 90's.
His own cannabis exploration did not provide the information, comfort, consistency, and quality that we had expected and desired. Sea of Green's Mission is to provide a fully encompassing, hands-on experience, where our guests can quickly gain an authentic understanding of the many aspects of cannabis in a comfortable, upscale setting.
Our exploration events focus on products from California's numerous, small, artisan producers, much like a Napa Valley wine tour focuses on artisan wine and the personal stories and perspectives of the producers. 

420 Tours & Events

  • Discover Events are typically 3 hours and based at a single location with no further travel required.
  • Explore Tours last 4-8 hours (depending on the specific tour) and usually involve group transportation to multiple locations.
  • Adventure Tours include 1 or more overnights in provided lodging.
  • Deep Dive Events are focused on a single aspect of the cannabis world and are aimed at explorers who may have some background knowledge or specific interest in the topics covered.
  • Insider's View: Custom tours for professionals interested in an educational jump-start that provides a multi-faceted industry view. 
  • Modernist Munchies, our plentiful, non-medicated, small plates and snacks are served on many of our tours. They reflect the founders work in some of the top restaurants in the U.S., but with a casual vibe. See some sample menu items here.

None of our events require or pressure participants to consume cannabis.

Until January 1, 2018, all tour participants must show proof of a California medical marijuana recommendation. Medical marijuana is recognized for a variety of common symptoms, including but in no way limited to, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and spasm disoorders. We have partnered with Eaze.MD, the leading provider of online medical recommendations. Visit EazeMD. The process costs $39.99 and takes between 5-20 minutes using a webcam enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. We encourage you to take care of this process before the day of your tour, however, you may apply for the recommendation immediately before the start of the event.

Sea of Green does not supply, transport, or sell cannabis. We connect participants with collectives that are licensed by the state of California to legally share cannabis products. Any cannabis transactions by tour participants are handled by our third party partner(s), much like you would purchase wine directly from a winery on a wine tour rather than from the tour company. 

Discover at Magnolia Wellness

3 Hours. Starting at $119. Join us at Magnolia Wellness directed by cannabis pioneer, entrepreneur and activist, Debby Goldsberry. We will engage all of your senses as you learn about and experience cannabis history, culture, biology, and consumption methods. Explore, hands-on, the aromas, taste, and effects of cutting edge cannabis products and accessories. Our expert guides will help you explore various methods of consumption (tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, pipes, joints) with accessories you can touch, use and try. Every tour is accompanied by an assortment of Modernist Munchies prepared by our chefs. These non-medicated treats are served throughout the event and feature fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared using the cutting-edge techniques typically found in luxury restaurants

Insider's View: Custom Tours for             Professional Service Providers and Investors

3 Hours - 2 Days. Starting at $229. Are you an attorney, accountant, marketing professional, or private or institutional investor? We will provide your group with an insiders experience of the industry's most advanced operators. Allow us to provide professional event services that incorporate your choice of our activities. Allow us to arrange a deep dive that can include our multi-sensory experiences inter-woven with meetings with industry leading consultants, marketers, operations executives, software developers, attorneys, cultivators and/or extractors. There is no other tour operator capable of providing the authentic, luxurious, and educational experience you and your clients demand. 

Explore: North Bay Cannabis Country

6-8 hours. Starting at $189. Like a wine-country tour...but for pot. Meet at our Oakland or San Francisco licensed Dispensary location for an introduction and chance to "stock-up" before the tour. Board the comfortable tour coach for a ride to our bay area destination (Santa Cruz, Marin or Sonoma). Visit a a cannabis cultivation site. Enjoy lunch on-site or nearby

Explore: Wine and Weed Tour

6-8 hours. Starting at $189. If you drink wine and you enjoy getting high, this is the tour for you. We'll begin our tour at a licensed dispensary where you will be able to stock up for the trip by shuttle to the Santa Cruz Mountains or Sonoma Valley.  We'll visit a vineyard location where our group will taste amazing California wines, enjoy a luxurious picnic featuring seasonal local foods, and participate in a cannabis sensory evaluation (the equivalent of a wine tasting for pot). The tour will end at our home dispensary where you can test your new found knowledge.

Deep Dive: Cannabis Extract Lab Experience

Limited to just 15 guests. Starting at $189. Learn about cannabis extracts at a fully licensed Oakland Cannabis Lab that produces  a variety of marijuana extracts such as rosin, CO2 wax, shatter and terpenes. Accompanied by our signature Modernist Munchies, you will be offered a glimpse into a process that until recently was illegal and shrouded in mystery.

Explore: Urban Immersion

4-6 Hours. Starting at $149. Board our comfortable shuttle and discover the Bay Area Cannabis Scene: the products, the people, the places and the history. You'll visit pioneering dispensaries, visit an extract lab, enjoy lunch and participate in a cannabis sensory evaluation (like wine tasting for weed), and learn about, and see, the people and places that have helped to make a once illicit crop into a Green Rush that is bringing wellness to millions while also helping to power the economy from seed-to-consumption.